What’s The Difference Between Online And A Real Life Casino

The sounds of the ball clacking around the roulette wheel. The chatter and cheers from those playing Blackjack as the croupier deals out cards to those that become addicted to the excitement of potentially winning life-changing prizes.

I started playing slots, Blackjack and other casino games a few years ago when I was offered a free play by one of the casino websites. Straight away I was hooked, and what I loved about it was the speed of the hands and the variety of casino games on offer. I found that by signing up with a few sites I could play as many casino sites as possible before settling on my favourite.

I then went to Vegas on a stag do with 7 other friends and realised just how good that can be too. Some of my friends are high rollers whilst I like to play just for fun with a budget each evening. This may be boring to some, but I realised quickly that I was happy to watch them playing some games I wasn’t that familiar with whilst getting the attention of the showgirl waitresses as they sauntered past.

Of course there are pros and cons to both gambling in real life and an online live casino. Being in a casino can of course be very exciting, but it can also be an experience that drains you of your cash very quickly. I find that being able to close the lid of a laptop and walk away is much easier than walking away from a table with winnings. The temptation to stay is a little too strong. Especially when the waitresses are bringing you free drinks!

The carpets are deliberately made to keep your eyes active with loud, brash colours. Oxygen is pumped into the casino building to keep you awake and the music and winning bells are sounded often to give you the feeling that you’re just one dollar away from a big win. Quite often the small stakes tables are crowded too, so the only option you have is to play on tables where the initial stake is a little higher or the rules are slightly different. Again, your money can disappear pretty quickly in this environment!

As I say, I prefer to play online for all the reasons I mentioned above. The whole thing about gambling responsibly and knowing when to stop is much easier when you have the ability to instantly shut the casino away. The variance of games and speed of playing them, plus the off free go thrown in for good measure, keeps me coming back to play on a regular basis. The number of gamblers that play online across the world seems to back this up too.

My advice? Online casinos are great and would be my first choice, although you have to try Vegas once. Just make sure you only take a certain budget with you, don’t look at the carpets and beware the showgirl waitresses!